PLEASE NOTE: After 7 February, 2018 uploading abstracts for an oral presentation is no longer possible. The deadline for uploading abstracts for a poster presentation has been extended until Friday 16 February, 2018. This is the absolute deadline!

Dear authors,

The registration and call for abstracts has opened for the 30th NNV-symposium on Plasma Physics and Radiation, to be held on 7, 8 and 9 March, 2018. The official language during the symposium will be English. This year, the program will slightly differ. However, the thematic sessions will also be held. For each block theme an internationally recognized expert will give an invited lecture, after which 3 selected PhD students will give shorter lectures. These student lectures will be selected from the submitted abstracts.

Also this year, we will have oral poster introductions. Every participant who is presenting a poster also gets the opportunity to introduce that poster by giving a 1-minute presentation while showing 1 viewgraph.

The viewgraph and presentation will be taken into account by the poster prize jury also: they should attract people to your poster!
The deadline for submitting abstracts for orals and posters is Friday 26 January, 2018.

(Viewgraphs can still be uploaded through this webform until Friday 23 February, 2018).

Note: Authors should still register themselves for participation in the conference separately using the Registration form!

Read this before uploading your Abstract (for an oral or a poster)!

The abstract should be made with a prescribed LaTeX template that you download here: lunteren_2018_example_abstract.tex
Only in case you are really unable to supply the abstract in LaTeX, you may send it as a plain text file as well. The abstract should be limited to 1 A5 page.

The file lunteren_2018_example_abstract.tex is a template for your abstract. Please edit this file and provide your own title, author(s), date, and abstract text. In case there is more than one author, use the superscript option \textsuperscript{#} to indicate how the author is affiliated. Example:

\small Author1\textsuperscript{1}, and Author2\textsuperscript{2}\\
\small \textit{\textsuperscript{1}Department1, University1, City1, Postcode1, Country1} \\
\small \textit{\textsuperscript{2}Department2, University2, City2, Postcode2, Country2} \\[0.2cm]

Author 1 is affiliated to Department1
Author 2 is affiliated to Department2

After you filled in all the fields, run try_abstract.tex in your favorite LaTeX editor to generate your abstract to see if you are satisfied with the way it looks. Note that in order to compile your LaTeX files to a postscript of pdf file, lunteren_2018_example_abstract.tex and try_abstract.tex should be in the same directory.


The abstract should be uploaded as a LaTeX file, according to the template specified. Other formats will not be accepted. Maximum upload size: 6 MB. File extension should be ".tex". In exceptional cases, where it is really impossible to supply your Abstract in LaTeX, you can also send it in plain text format (".txt" extension).
The viewgraph should consists of a 1-page PDF (A4, landscape format). There is no prescribed format or template available. Allowed extensions: pdf, zip. Maximum filesize: 10 MB. Please put the name of the author and title of the corresponding abstract in the filename of the viewgraph, e.g. viewgraph_firstname_lastname_title_abstract.pdf Note: the members that submit a poster but do not submit a viewgraph slide, must indicate specifically that they do not wish to participate in the pre-poster presentation, other wise a default slide will be created for them by the organizers.