The fee for attendance of the symposium amounts to:

  •  € 120 (one day, NNV-member)
  •  € 150 (one day, non-NNV-member)
  •  € 240 (two days, NNV member)
  •  € 280 (two days, non-NNV member)
  •  € 360 (three days, NNV member)
  •  € 400 (three days, non-NNV member)

These fees are fairly accurate approximations - the exact fee is to be paid after the symposium on the basis of an invoice sent (typically) to your university/institute/company or to you personally. Payment by cash at the registration desk is not possible.

The registration deadline for the symposium is 23 February, 2018. In case you register after this deadline, accommodation cannot be guaranteed. If you cancel your subscription after this date, you will still be charged the full fee.

Professional title associated with your academic qualification
Your first name
Please enter the name of your University, Research Institute or Company
The particular (research) group you are affiliated to, within your university/institute. For Dutch universities, please specify the "capaciteitsgroep" and faculty.
Please enter your full mail address.
Please indicate if you are a member of the Dutch NNV organistation (Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging).
In case you select to participate three days, two overnight stays at the conference hotel are included. If you do not want to stay over, please state so clearly in the special needs/comments box below to prevent a no-show.
When uploading your contribution at "Authors", you may select one of the four main sessions (Diagnostics/Extreme Plasmas/Applications/Fundamentals, Theory and Modelling).
The Opening Session on 7 March, will consist of 6 parallel sessions, in which the above fields will be shortly discussed. Each participant can take part in max. three sessions. Please tick the 3 subjects you are most interested in (preferrably not your own main subject!). As some subjects may be more popular than others, your choice cannot be guaranteed. If you cannot take part in the Opening Session, please tick N.A.
If you have any special needs, such as a diet, or other remarks for the organisation, please enter your comment here: